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Welcome to the online course for Girls on Board training. This site works best on devices other than mobile phones. 

To access this course visit GirlsonBoard.co.uk/online-training or write to info@girlsonboard.co.uk

I have just finished the training and I am really excited to embed the Girls on Board approach within my school. It provides a real insight into the difficulties that girls face when negotiating friendships and highlights how their insecurities can cause them to misjudge and misread situations. I particularly like the way it encourages resolution as opposed to investigation. I think it empowers schools to provide a consistent message to pupils, parents and staff.

This training has really created a real buzz for me and my colleagues. What great insights into the inner goings-on of girl friendship issues! As a pastoral leader, I am now even more consciously aware of the various girls on board behaviors exemplified by the girls in my year group and feel even more e